Ron, Dave and Chris headed out last night with 35 bags to cover a 6x6 block area around Stewart & Main.  Through an alley, they found a group of 12 homeless men and women.  Ron ended up speaking with Heidi, a young woman who asked to receive Jesus.  A bit later in another area, they found Leonard, a 91 year old homeless man who also asked how to receive salvation.  It was a wonderful night and Ron’s first time in leading others in the Sinner’s Prayer.  They also encountered some darkness in some of the people who were almost gnashing their teeth while speaking and wanted nothing to do with God and were almost angry.  That was a great sign as I believe it shows the spiritual battle that is going on in their heart and hopefully the battle is almost over.  All we can do is love on them and pray.  Ron spoke with one very intoxicated gentlemen who staggered over.  During Ron’s testimony, his eyes kept getting wider and wider and when he left, he wasn’t staggering anymore.  We pray the seed is planted and he’ll find his way over to the mission or Salvation Army for the recovery program.  As always, the socks were a huge hit, especially in this extreme heat.  Most of the people asked if we had Our Daily Breads which we did.  More bibles were handed out in this outreach also than any other prior outreach.  The pears with their sandwich and cookies was also a favorite as they say the apples are too hard for them to eat with bad teeth.  It was a very blessed night and we’ll be heading out near Sahara & Las Vegas Blvd. in September, and back to the big homeless campsite in October.  Walk in Love!