We pulled up to the 7-11 on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Bonanza, little did we know that this was going to be the only spot we needed to go to. 
One person after another came up to see us, word got out quick that we were passing out socks, food and toiletries. 
I met one guy who i knew from the mission a while back, which, of course, is always a great ministry opportunity. I am so glad that God used me to speak some life and encouragement to him. I was able to pray for him, give him a Bible, and i gave him my number to call me if he wanted to get some information to get off the streets.
We also met a guy who was living on the couch of a friends house, i told him i could probably get him onto a housing program. I found out he was a chef at a casino, got separated from his wife and that's how he ended up on the streets. I encouraged him with the fact that we all make mistakes, and we told him to ask God for help. I gave him my number also.
As we were sitting there a family of 4 were walking by and i felt God put it on my heart to ask if she needed some food and socks for the kids. She was very grateful that God provided for her family. 

We also had another gentleman call us who met before, and we got him into the rescue mission. He had to go to umc first to get medicly cleared, but God opened the door for him. And he is in the program now. Thank you Jesus. 

On our Flamingo outreach we passed out socks, food, and toiletries. We ran into several people who were very interested in what God could do for their life. On guy told me he was about go sin, he didn't go into detail, but he said he decided not to do it, talk about a touch from God. 
We also met a guy named Nick, we had a very long conversation with him. He is one step away from being sick and tired of being sick and tired. The things he was saying, kind of reminds me of me when I wanted to get off the streets. So please say a prayer for him.

Thank you for your continued support for this love ministry, God has used the ministry to help several folks get off the streets, and provide for their needs, but most of all they receive the Gospel, and the Love of Jesus.