We had 55-60 people within 10 minutes of getting to Washington & "A" Street.  We gave out all our remaining bottled water, all the soups (about 50), all the gatorade and all the bread and bagels and 15 bibles.  We also had just cup of noodle packages and all the homeless took them as well as they can use them when they have access to hot water at another time.  We were blessed to be able to pray with so many people this time and came back with QUITE the prayer list.

Ernest and Richard need jobs.  Jason and Greg need off the streets.  David needs direction as does Mack.  Sunshine (who we've run into a few times) would like prayer for her injured leg.  Lonnie, Will and Reginald wanted prayer for everything.

It continually amazes me how quickly we get wrapped up in our little issues, problems, trials or whatever when a quick look past the casinos and glitter and into the side alleys and dark corners can give us a change of perspective to realize how fortunate we really are.