We started out at Sahara and Paradise, and worked our way down Las Vegas Blvd to Wyoming St. We handed out 30 Blessing Bags, and 11 Bibles.

Early on we met a man named Luis who we prayed with for a while. He was in tears as we prayed for him, and he rededicated himself to God. He took a bible and promised us that he would read it daily.

We also met a man named Dave, and when I asked him if he needed anything, he said "to be honest, I could use a hug.".  Praise God that he recognized us as people who could love him regardless of who he was or what he was going through! I was more than happy to give him a hug, and to be honest, I wish more people would ask. Many people we run into on our outreaches never get confirmation that they are loved by anyone, and something as simple as a hug can turn their whole day around.

We love praying for the people we meet! Here are names of those who requested that we pray for them; Raymond, Demosthenes, Luis, Alvin, Dave, Paul, Wes, Damon, and Jerry. Please pray for them with us.

Thanks and God bless!