This month was our largest outreach EVER!  We partnered with VBF for their Serve Las Vegas event so we were able to distribute 100 bags.  The sandwich making party at 6 AM was great fun, then we headed over to VBF at 8 to tell members of the church a little about 2 Act Ministries.  We were thrilled to have a total of 12 people (6 men and 6 women) accompany us to the Owens & A campsite at 10 AM.  We split up our bags this month with a food bag and a hygiene bag in case not all needed hygiene or food items.    We knew it was going to be over 90 degrees already so each bag had a bottle of water in it as well as an extra 100 bottles we had iced down in a cooler.  Amazingly, all 300 waters were gone in 90 minutes and we were handing out cups so people could scoop ice out of the cooler to drink.  We also were able to distribute all the clothing and shoes we had received over the past few months and the shoes were especially appreciated.

Holding a morning outreach was very different from our usual Friday night outreaches in that we were able to meet many more women, about 30 actually and with God's perfect provision, we had 6 female volunteers with us to speak with women and hand out special women-only bags.  It was a blessing telling some of them there is a different way of life for them without the prostitution and drugs and we are hoping for a call from Lanette so we can take her over to the Rescue Mission to get into a recovery program.

All there were so appreciative of the supplies, the food, the water, the love and the prayer.  Some stayed over 30 minutes in the blazing sun (next time we need a canopy) just because the needed to talk and have that companionship again as they are so often ignored.  Many were familiar with the food they can get at Salvation Army and the Rescue Mission but didn't know much about the recovery program there so with 4 of us there who had gone through recovery programs, they received plenty of information and testimonies so that when they are ready, they will know where to go and if they need a ride, all of us will drop whatever we are doing to get them over there.

We are continually praying for Troy, Hank, Joseph, Lanette, Thomas, Mila and Walter as they requested and OUR biggest blessing was at the end of the outreach when all was packed up and God sent Charles to bless us.  Here was this 60 year old gentlemen riding his bike, following the Lord, and stopping in the heat to thank us for turning a desolate wasteland (referring to the empty field) into a bountiful land.  He encouraged all of us with his thankfulness and joy!