Ron Cornell - Director / Lynn Cornell - Women's Ministry  

Ron's story - I started drinking and doing drugs when I was 12 years old.  When I was 24 I ended up living on the streets of downtown Vegas.  This continued for 17 years.  My drug use got  worse.  I started using meth and heroine and drinking more.  I even ended up overdosing 7 times.  I was clinically dead 3 of the times they found me.

I had never read a bible and didn’t want to have anything to do with God. At the Rescue Mission I saw other addicts and alcoholics who I knew from the streets, who were changed by Jesus Christ.  I decided to give Jesus a chance and that's when the miracles started.  After 17 years of addictions and living on the streets I now know joy, peace and happiness.  I have been appointed to go back out on these same streets every month to tell others about the hope and freedom I now enjoy.

Chris Reyes - Fundraising

I started using drugs and alcohol at the age of twelve. It was my solution to being afraid, to be able to socialize with my peers, and soon enough, to all my fears, my anger, and my sorrows. It was my solution and happiness, until it started to cause all of these things in my life. I tried running from all this. I went from Florida, to Indiana, to Kentucky, back to Florida. It became more of a problem than a solution, and I had no way out. I was addicted. I came to Las Vegas to end my life. Then Jesus saved me.

I got here broke, with no car, or any means to do what I had planned to do. I ended up at the Rescue Mission where I gave Him my life. With some help, I was able to see my sins, forgive those who wronged me, tried to make right my wrongs, and help others to do the same. In return, He gave me freedom from all those things, the desire to love Him, and to show His love to those who are where I was. He gave me my life and peace, all for nothing. All I had to do was give it up to Him. I had some failures, but in His mercy He brought me back to Him. Since April 23rd of 2007, He has shown me that I can remain free from my sin as long as I remain a servant to Him, by reaching out to others who need it.

Brandon Green - Donations, Website

 When I was fourteen, I started using drugs and alcohol. At first it was just a way to make myself fit in. But I never knew how do do something halfway, and soon I stuck out more than I ever had. Before my eighteenth birthday, I had been arrested seven times on charges of theft, assault, and vandalism. Even after joining the Army, my every day routine involved heavy drinking. I studied new age religions, and philosophies thinking that I would get some peace, but none ever came. I moved from job to job, town to town, and eventually came to Las Vegas.

God met me here in Sin City, and turned me around. I attended a few rehab programs and eventually graduated one. In 2007, I accepted Christ as my lord and savior. My greatest joy is to tell others of the love of Jesus Christ, and to demonstrate that by my actions whenever possible.

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