Total care packages & food bags given since October 2010:


We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit Christian organization. 100% volunteer based, no paid salaries. 

Since 2010 God uses the ministry, every month, to get people off the streets, make decisions for Christ, provide care packages, food, water, clothes, special care packages for women, Bibles and prayer for the homeless and less fortunate.

We also provide ball caps, cold water, cool wash clothes, Gatorade and sun-screen in the summer months. Winter months we provide stocking caps, gloves, scarves, coats, blankets and emergency blankets.

We are also available to provide interview clothes, food and supplies for formally homeless folks, the most recent resources for their situation, and rides when needed.

Please join us by partnering with us. Whether it is monetary or items you donate, God will use it to change someone's life and show the love of Jesus. 


We go to the homeless areas of Las Vegas 6 times a month and use several types of outreaches to direct those who are homeless, less fortunate and/or struggling with substance abuse to free Christian recovery programs and other free resources that are available. We also provide socks, food, Bibles and toiletries for them.

Our goal is to give them the Gospel, give our testimonies, pray with them, encourage them with the Love of Jesus and give them information and a ride to get off the streets.


Every Saturday we are at the Hope Chapel from 6pm-8pm. We provide a meal for over 100 people, we also have worship, teach The Word of God and give testimonies to the homeless people in the emergency shelter and those in the program there.


Every Sunday we have small group Bible study and meal for anyone who wants to grow and study God's Word. 

After completion of a recovery program, we are available to provide support to mentor, teach, train and offer additional assistance as needed.


We go to recovery centers and give testimonies and give Biblical advice on staying sober through the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. 

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Any Donation, regardless of size is greatly appreciated,100% of all donations goes toward providing care and food packages, The Gospel, Bibles and resources for the homeless and less fortunate.  Use PayPal above or send a check or money order payable to:
2 Act Ministries

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City of Las Vegas recognizes 2 Act Ministries for the work God is doing for the homeless.


Everything you donate to 2 Act Ministries goes directly into the hands of people who so appreciate it. She has the blue bag with women's necessities and he has the bag packed for men. Even the Ziplock bag is important. 

The van is packed with water, lunches, chips, cookies, gift bags of toiletries, Biblesand Christian messages.

There is also information about shelters with an address and phone numbers. Ron's testimony is also passed out, with his personal phone number,  and he is sincere when he tells them ... if you want off the streets, call me and I will help you and give you a ride.